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This webpage contains information about my maternal lineage.  The timeline below and most of the information herein is derived from the Hamburger Geschlechterbuch (described in the sidebar).


1620   JOHN HOWLAND arrives at Plymouth, MA on December 21 aboard the Mayflower (related to the
               Bueks via the marriage of LOUIS HERMAN BUEK to John Howland's decendant GERTRUDE
               HARVEY WHILLDIN in 1910). 

1640    PETER BUEK  is born around 1640 in or near Hamburg, Germany.  There is very little additional 
               information about him but he is the first Buek mentioned in Hamburg Germany.

1690     PETER BUEK'S  youngest son, JOHANN BUEK  is recorded in the book of "Citizens of 
                Hamburg" as making three payments toward citizenship in the city of Hamburg Germany.

1701     JOHANN BUEK attains citizenship in the city of Hamburg Germany.

1730     PETER BUEK II is appointed Citizen Captain of Hamburg.

1750     KASPAR BUEK opens an inn in Hamburg called "Zum Alten Raben" ("The Old Crow").

1786     JOHANN NIKOLAUS BUEK is appointed Citizen Captain of Hamburg.

1800     JOHANN PETER BUEK becomes the Imperial Russian Gardner in St. Petersburg.

1815     CHRISTOPH WEILHELM BUEK is a Prussian Colonel.

1824     KARL EDUARD BUEK founded "Trumpler & Buek" in London

1839     KARL EDUARD BUEK founded an insurance company in Hamburg.

1830     HEINRICH ADOLF BUEK becomes owner of  a wood, peat & coal trading company in 

1838     ERNST ADOLF BUEK, on May 26, leaves Hamburg, Germany and arrives in New York on July
                  14 and travels up the Hudson by boat to Detroit, Michigan.  He settled in Hamburg, Livingston,
                  County, Michigan with his wife, Elizabeth Henriette (Knauth), and  five children.

1847     HERMANN BUEK  worked for "Gossler & Company in Boston, MA USA and Brooklyn, New York
                 USA, dying in Brooklyn, New York in 1915.  1900 Census states his year of immigration as 1860
                 in Kings, New York, but it appears he was present in the USA prior to that. 

1850    FRANZ AUGUSTE BUEK goes to America.  It is not  known if he was visiting or immigrated to 

1850     THEODOR EDUARD BUEK resided in Brooklyn, New York USA from 1850 to 1880.

1868      TYCHO CHRISTIAN FERDINAND BUEK arrives in New York City on 9/16/1868 aboard the
                   Hamburg-American steamship  "Borussia".  Tycho, age 16, arrived with his mother, Johanna 
                   Henrietta Auguste Karoline Achilles Buek (Auguste) and his 3 siblings (Karl Harald Buek - age
                   14, Klotilde Marie Auguste Buek - age 13, Olga Karoline Auguste Buek - age 12).  Tycho
                    eventually became a shoe manufacturer in Philadelphia, PA.  This was the beginning of the
                    Tycho Buek-Green and Harvey Buek clans in America.

1868     JOHANNES GEORG ADALBERT BUEK resided in America from 1868 to 1880 and was an 
                   Imperial and Royal Captain.

1870     ALFRED EDUARD BUEK is a merchant in New York USA and makes an around the world 
                 trip in 1880-1881.

1871     RUDOLF WILHELM BUEK a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Prussian Army, received 
                 hereditary nobility with the crest B, and with orders for the Royal Prussian eagle 4th class, 
                 decoration with swords, 3rd class; Austrian Franz Joseph Order 2nd class and the Service 
                  Award,  2nd class.

1877     RUDOLF WILHELM BUEK and his descendants were raised to the level of Prussian nobility 
                  on 01/06/1877 in Berlin.

1885     ALFRED EDUARD WILHELM BUEK becomes a Major in the Royal Prussian Army.

1882     TYCHO BUEK, JR is born in Philadelphia,  PA USA and goes on to become the owner of 
                  "Dueling & Buek" shoe manufacturing company at 123-125 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA.

1901     CHARLES BUEK is born in New York USA and lives in Texas.

1907     HANS RUDOLF GEORG LOTEAR BUEK becomes a a Captain in the Royal Prussian Army.

1913     ALBERT WILHELM BUEK a Major General in the Royal Prussian Infantry is awarded the 
                  Royal Prussian Eagle, 2nd class with oak leaves and the Crown Order, 2nd class.

1914     HERMANN BUEK is a Major General serving in the Prussian Army during WWI.

1914     OTTO BUEK is a well known philosopher, translator and friend to physiologist and pacifist
                  George Friederich Nikolai (1874 - 1964) and only one of three intellectuals in Germany
                  who signed Nikolai's  1914 anti war counter-manifesto (Aufruf an die Europäer).  The other 
                  two being physicist, Albert Einstein and astronomer, Friedrich Wilhelm Förster.

1919     ALFRED WERNER BUEK is wounded in action as a Royal Prussian Cavalry Captain.

1920     WILHELM JOHANN BAPTIST BUEK a Captain in the reserves, and lawyer, becomes the 
                  Cabinet-Librarian to the Grand Duke of Hessen at Darmstadt.

1922     ALFRED EDUARD WILHELM BUEK and his descendants are awarded the authority to use 
                  the  title "von Buek" on 09/12/1922.

1957      DICK "MAD DOG" BUEK ( CARL RICHARD BUEK) is killed in a plane crash on Nov 3.
                 He was an Olympic downhill ski racer, daredevil stunt pilot and fiance of Alpine ski racer, Jill
                 Kinmont.  He was inducted to the US National Ski Hall of Fame in 1974 and was the subject of
                 the movie "The Other Side of the Mountain" in 1975 and the 1963 book "The Downhill Racers"
                 by Oakley Hall.    

To view my paternal genealogy (Buckner Family Genealogy) please click on this link:

Buckner Family Genealogy



Our Mother, Virginia Louise Buek (twin sister of Morris Robert Buek and daughter of Tycho Buek, Jr. and Marion Smith) is the link between the Buek and Green Families.  She married our father, Luther Stehley Green, III on February 10, 1939 in Philadelphia, PA..

The goal of the German Geschlechterbuch is to help German  families by publishing the research master list and the family crest.  Many of the various volumes are grouped by region of origin of the former German Empire - eg, "Westfälisches" or "Silesian" Geschlechterbuch - so that a search can be made about the origin of ancestors from a particular region.

The "Hamburg Geschlechterbuch with it's seventeen volumes (2007) is part of the German Geschlechterbuch  and is a genealogical self-contained work, as it can show no other city and is primarily the institution of cultural and economic developments of the city-state, The Hanseatic League.

The German Geschlechterbuch was published from 1889 to 1943 under the title Genealogical Handbook of bourgeois families and contained 119 volumes, published by genealogist Bernhard Koerner and CA Starke Verlag until the year 1943 in Gorlitz. More than 4,000 families are treated. After a break of 12 years, the series was published again starting in 1956 with band 120 under the name "German Geschlechterbuch.  The last and 219th volume was published in 2007.

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